About Us

Who Are We?
APSoCal is mainly comprised of photographers, of all ages, with a common passion of aviation. Our members range from novice to professional photographers, pilots and air show performers, active military and retired military, professionals in the aviation field or sometimes just enthusiast of aviation.

Our Goal
APSoCal strives to provide a good community for aviation photographers to talk and share ideas, techniques, and their work with many people in the aviation field. To help novice photographers new to the field, to have a chance to get up close to the action, feel the rumble of jet engines in their bones, and have a chance to get their dream shots with guidance from seasoned photographers. To help keep the heritage of aviation alive, the best we know how through the beautiful art of photography.

Contact Info
If you would like to get in touch with someone at APSC, you can e-mail one of our staff below.

Joshua Nyhus

Damon Duran

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