Member Guidelines

All APSoCal members are required to follow the Rules & Guidelines below. Members are considered as anyone signed up with our forums or have joined us on Facebook or Flickr.

1. APSoCal requires that all of it’s members treat each other with respect and dignity.
2. Members will not provide APSoCal with false identification. APSoCal deals with the military, we do not tolerate false identification information.
3. Members will never steal anyone’s work. APSoCal has a zero-tolerance policy with copyright infringement/photo theft. Anyone who claims to be the author of a photograph or article or anything they did not produce themselves will be removed from APSoCal immediately. We will also contact the true author and other groups in the aviation photography field and notify them of your actions.
4. Members will represent APSoCal with the utmost professionalism.
5. Members will keep our forums clean, PG and on topic.
6. Members will not engage in arguments on our forums or in other public forums.

APSoCal reserves the right to add, remove, edit and change the above guidelines at anytime, without warning.

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