Nellis Cancels Aviation Nation 2013

3/26/2013 – NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. — The 99th Air Base Wing Commander, Col. Barry Cornish, announced the cancellation of Aviation Nation 2013 scheduled for Nov. 9-10.

“Aviation Nation is a very popular event for our community, and I deeply regret our inability to host a Nellis Open House this year,” Cornish said. “However, due to the effect of the Budget Control Act of 2011 and associated sequestration, the defense budget cuts for fiscal year 2013 are approximately $46 billion by law and must be accomplished by October 2013. To meet this obligation, the U.S. Air Force has prioritized combat readiness over other activities and air shows have been cancelled as a result.”

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Air Force Cuts Aviation Support for Public Events

News snippet from Air Force news. Follow the link below to read the full article.

3/1/2013 – WASHINGTON — As the Air Force braces for sequester, leadership has cancelled all aviation support to public events for at least the remainder of the fiscal year and is standing down the Thunderbirds aerial demonstration team to save flying hours to support readiness needs.

Effective March 1, active-duty, Reserve and Guard units will cease all aviation support to the public. This includes the cancellation of support to all air shows, tradeshows, flyovers (including funerals and military graduations), orientation flights, heritage flights, F-22 Raptor demonstration flights and open houses, unless the event includes only local static assets.

Additionally, the Air Force will cancel the Thunderbirds’ entire 2013 season beginning April 1.

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Update on Sequestration and the Air Show Industry

A snippet of a news article by ICAS on the affect of Sequestration and air shows. Link to full article below.

By now, most ICAS members in the U.S. have seen news items like this and this reporting that the Blue Angels’ 2013 air show season may be in jeopardy if the federal government does not take action to avoid mandatory budget cuts. If these cuts are allowed to be made, they will impact not just the Blue Angels, but all aspects of the U.S. military’s involvement in air shows.

The road to possible sequestration cuts has been a long and complicated one. These cuts may have a significant impact on the entire U.S. air show community, so it’s important that ICAS members familiarize themselves with the evolution and newest developments in this crisis. This article in, a politics- and commentary-oriented website, provides just such an overview (along with a bit of commentary). This article in, a politically oriented newspaper and website, reveals why additional extensions to the sequestration deadline are not likely to avoid short-term budgetary pressure on the Pentagon and, by extension, the impact of that pressure on the U.S. air show community. USA Today published this article outlining in general terms the military’s likely approach to sequestration cost-cutting tactics. This article from a Florida news website explains how even the congressman who represents Pensacola, the home of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, is suggesting that the Blue Angels may become a victim of indiscriminate budgetary cuts…cuts that were originally approved precisely because they would be so impractical and unappealing that they would prompt elected representatives to reach a compromise on the difficult issues related to deficit reduction…

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APSC Nellis Air Show Dinner-2012

APSC Nellis Air Show Dinner-2012!

If you’re in Vegas for the 2012 Nellis Air Show, drop by Geebees Bar & Grill, Saturday night between 7:30 and 10pm and meet up with other photogs from the group!

Geebee’s Bar & Grill
8560 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas NV, 89123

Some APSoCal Stats

Just though we’d share some APSC site stats which was a surprise this morning:

Total Unique Visitors, 2012: 242,354
Total Hits, 2012: 592,129
Top 4 Country hits, 2012: Germany, Russia, China, Ukraine
Top visitor domains, 2012:,,
66.5% of the visitors stay for over 2 hours.
13.9% of visitors got to APSC by looking for apsocal or

All these stats are just from the past 3 months (of 2012). It will be very interesting to see how these change by the end of the year, hopefully going up.

Important El Centro Airshow Info!

Wednesday, March 7th through Saturday, March 10th, photography of NAF El Centro at the hay bales will be prohibited and strictly enforced by the Imperial County Sheriff’s Department. The aerobatic box must be sterile from March 7 – March 10 (inclusive) and in order to accomplish that, the hay bales (which lie inside the box) must be closed. We appreciate your support in not shooting from the hay bales at Silsbee and Aten Roads as any incursion into this area will immediately shut down our practices/show.

We have a great relationship with the aviation photography community and hope that you will assist us in this endeavor to allow us to prepare for and present a great air show.

V/r –
El Centro Public Affairs Office